General – Achieve goals with confidence and determination. Enjoy the fun in improving self-image for the better.
Career – Highly ambitious, improving professional prospects with persistence.
Finance – Good throughout the month, families help during emergency situations. Even couples open up monetary opportunities.
Love – Misconceptions can be sorted out with tolerance and discussion together, resulting in solution solutions.
Healing – Do not be too on the horizon, practicing hatha yoga becomes a good option to improve posture and impaired metabolism.
Color – nickel, calypso & plum
Fashion – accordion pleat skirt, bucket bag & oxford shirt
Scents – lotus, apricot & magnolia



General – Aggressive in achieving goals.
Career – Reaches targets using originality and hard work. Appropriate analysis increases output at work.
Finance – Donate some funds for humanitarian services, it will get reciprocity in other forms. Create good karma, such as charity.
Love – Discuss well to avoid misunderstanding, He is busy with his professional activities and you feel dormant.
Healing – Healthy eating patterns must be maintained.
Color – obsidian, cobalt & ocado
Fashion – rib knit jumper, ankle strap sandals & biker jacket
Scent – cardamom, yuzu & lemon


General – Make specific corrections for what is needed, and plan for future action.
Career – Learn carefully the benefits and problems that may be faced.
Finance – Intelligence in monetary regulation can be improved further.
Love – If you have a relationship, must bear the nature of complaining your partner.
Healing – High physical strength and vitality, you will be cleaner in everyday life.
Color – salmon, citrus & arbork
Fashion – satin top, puffy jacket & plaid pants
Scent – vetiver, carnation reveal’s & peach


General – Begin to be independent and not dependent on others.
Career – Accept challenging tasks, if the prospect is bright and helpful why should resist.
Finance – Speculative business does not provide any profit.
Love – Dare to step into a more serious ladder.
Healing – Detox with healthy home food san leave junk food.
Color – sage, stone & garnet
Fashion – mixed necklace, ribbon jumpsuit & wide cullotes
Scent – peony, cedar atlas & madagascar vanilla


General – Concentration in the profession, giving importance to personal ambition.
Career – Line up in front of the road to success.
Finance – Excelled for ability and rewarded financially.
Love – libido turbulent do not make your feelings become unstable.
Healing – Get enough rest and keep the body fitness activity.
Color – celaton, jade & granola
Fashion – capuchon top, handbag scarf & furry kitten heels
Scent – tuberose, geranium & water lily


General – Things accomplished with social skills, in control of situations rather than personal initiative.
Career – Success in the workplace will also benefit the family.
Finance – Budget reduction, all must be balanced.
Love – Opportunity at the seminar, do not be wasted.
Healing – Very fit throughout the month
Color – terracote, parot & merlot
Fashion – stripes dress, hexagonal backpack & nautical cap
Scent – melon, musk & patchouli


General – Career and personal achievement is more important than emotional needs and family issues. Adapt to others, for long–term prospects.
Career – Keep the spirit and business independently stable. just play behind the scenes.
Finance – Anticipating money retrograde, project funding delays and monetary revenues keeps you careful and conscientious about using money.
Love – compatibility will continue to be enjoyable throughout the day to come.
Healing – Extra care can be supported with special supplements to the maximum in the desired achievement.
Color – charcoal, currant & indian ivy
Fashion – minaudierre bag, sweatshirt & pinstripe trouser
Scent – blackberry, osmanthus & pomegranate


General – Social elegance is essential to achieving your goals, evaluating goals and making improvements to execution methods. In order to get the aggression back.
Career – Achieving targets and opportunities, will be interested in service–oriented activities.
Finance – Upgraded with new ideas, use intellectual ability. Speculative effort can give advantages when done with care.
Love – Good communication can keep your mood steady.
Healing – Save energy, just relax and relax with yoga and meditation techniques.
Color – coral, tarragon & juniper
Fashion – english tweeds blazer, mini waist bag & wooden watch
Scent – ginger, cinnamon & eucalyptus


General – Be careful in action and realize achievements that have been achieved.
Career – Sales promotion is rising rapidly, all will feel smoothly thanks to your efforts so far.
Finance – Have fun spending money with family.
Love – Relationship fluctuations can be solved with serious dialogue without a share of the family.
Healing – Conserve energy to avoid acute fatigue due to full activity throughout the month.
Color – ebony, fawn & lilac
Fashion – faux furr outerwear, fedora hat & rounded sunglasses
Scent – orange blossom, bergamotte & neroli


General – Make important decisions
Career – Make a plan for the future so that you have an increase in achievement in each year.
Finance – Shop for luxury goods.
Love – Busy fix personal image.
Healing – Increases physical strength by exercising.
Color – pistachio, mahogany & saffron
Fashion – medium tote bag, boots statement & oversize tee
Scent – bigarade, grapefruit & shiso


General – Prioritize family needs.
Career – A new strategy to visualize opportunities in the coming period.
Finance – Be careful in managing the monetary moon this month due to obstacles.
Love – Have fun without commitment.
Healing – Keep holding on to a normal fitness regimen.
Color – mauve, amber & bahama
Fashion – skinny jeans, platform sneakers & hoop earrings
Scent – vert, iris noir & rosemery


General – Melibas all the contradictions with aggression.
Career – Ability and consistency will work.
Finance – Reduce the budget that is not so important for monetary safety this month.
Love – Opportunity to commit, is it ready?
Healing – Begin detox food for the sake of digestive health.
Color – crimson, neroli & olive
Fashion – basic chinos, lace up sneakers & shoulder bag
Scent – black orchid, pineapple & tonka bean

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