Started from 2015, it was us, three plus size girls ; Mayang, Alysa and Annisa try to accommodate all plus size girls and woman to look fashionable.

Bssar goals is to show them , that they have lots of options to wear and make them feel comfortable in their own body. Bssar style is bold and quirky, but still managed to be wearable for plus size woman.

The signature slogan of BSSAR is “SKINNY BITCHES”, without making fun of any body type, but we try to make a plus size woman feel more confident by being called skinny even it’s just a print on the t-shirt. Our messages is, to be fit-in doesn’t mean that we have to look like most people, but we can fit-in in our own way and be survived among the fittest.

BSSAR 2018 collection called “ORALE”. Orale is Spanish word for Pray. It also can be used for encouragement, like “go for it!” or “right on !” it means that in this season collection we want all the woman especially plus size woman to be brave and go for everything they want to achieve.

This whole collection is bold, both in color and style. Most of the color is still monochrome but we also have Blue, Maroon and Pink added in few of our style. In this season collection we have all the needs of fashion from day to night and also from casual to semi formal.

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