I’ve been following your work for a few years now and I’m wondering, how did you get here? How did you start drawing, what is your story?

I started drawing about six years ago. Checking on Instagram, it was September 25th, 2012. And since then I`m just drawing pretty much everyday and time goes by and now its 2018 ;p The girls evolve and change through time, sometimes they`re faeries, or nymphs, sometimes they`re sexy spies, or dancers, or a space shaman maybe. Many times they fail (these ones aren`t posted on Instagram of course! Hehe) It was, as anything, for fun.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I have never met someone who truly dislike drawing. Give someone a space and time and some pencils and papers, everyone will enjoy drawing.

What was your favorite/most challenging project so far?

I love drawing big, on big paper or canvas. More space for mistakes. But its also challenging cos it needs way more time than the smaller medium.

What inspires you to draw? Where do you get your ideas from?

Girls in old Hollywood movies, girls in adventure and fantasy movies, Disney princesses, female superheroes, Japanese manga, Indonesian women`s character, books, music…

What other illustrators do you admire?

Hajime Sorayama, Audrey Kawasaki, Leighton Kelly

Can you explain what kind of art you create?

Not sure at all if its art. They are just drawings of girls of ideal beauty to my taste.

You work traditionally, but you’ve also experimented with other techniques. What are they?

Currently trying screen printing. Its hard but fun.

What do you wish to communicate, through your drawings?

Not really trying to communicate anything through the drawings. They are just idyllic pictures of the women in my imagination, a mixed race, tropical female who is not from this planet/world/life, who is wise and sensual and fun and funny, sometimes sad and angry. Gotta let them out of my head cos better out than in!

How do you keep the mood when making work? and if you get stuck what will you do?

Listening to the right music when drawing the right girl helps a lot. If stuck, go to the beach or play with the cats. Or read or write.

There are plans to make your gallery and art exhibition?

Plans and dreams are always there. But good things take a long long time.

Dream collaboration?

With Basquiat or David Bowie

What would you say to young/aspiring artists, to help them improve and find their way?

Not sure, I myself is a young/aspiring drawer. But maybe, don’t wait for the mood/inspiration to come cos usually they never come (when they do it’s a nice bonus) so just have to force yourself to draw/create everyday. Many people mistake that this “thing” is easy… its “just drawing” but like anything else, if you wanna be good at it, takes lots of hard work and dedication, time and go through lots of failure and endless learning. Instagram makes it look like its so easy… almost nothing… romanticize it too much. So yea that’s the advice, stay away from Instagram!

But in case you’re addicted to instagram her work can be found online @bunnybone

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