Cabina Bali offers escape the Bali hectic and change a seat in the heat, for a bed next to the pool. Inspired by Nature and Island Palm Trees we welcome you to tropical paradise, as we like to call it; let’s enjoy the paradise living!

Cabins brings back the good old times that is meant to be shared with others with a colorful ambiance surrounded by nature. The ambiance combines Los Angeles, Palm Spring with Indonesia and Bali touches. In the early hours we invite custorners to enjoy our outstanding tropical drinks at Brunch by the pool with amazing vegetarian and gluten-free options. During sunset, Cabins shares an funky, disco experience by the pool including street food and tropical cocktails meant to be shared with others. Its all about creating and cherishing time spent with friends and farnily. Our place could be the perfect choice for you to capture those special rnoments for different occasions.

YASS, you can say that Cabins is a tropical paradise, so what are you waiting for... let’s collect some moments and enjoy the island vibes.


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