General – The method of change change the idea, the nature of aggression able to overcome all obstacles.
Career – strives harder, for the sake of improving status through promotional channels.
Finance – the monetary situation will improve. Can be used for new projects rather than shopping. Do not be tempted by luxury.
Love – in need of a high sense of tolerance to understand changes in the couple.
Healing – notice the pattern of healthy food and intake into your body. Do not be satiated.
Color – salmon, bahama & fawn
Fashion – studs moccasins & top cutout
Scent – tendre jasmine & fleur D’or


General – independence is more important than social grace such as adaptability.
Career – focus and get full support from colleagues and family.
Finance – earnings quite fantastic.
Love – the opportunity to make romantic and selective alliances before starting a more serious relationship.
Healing – maintain a fitness routine.
Color – amber, lilac & neroli
Fashion – velvet robe dress & studded handbag
Scent – orchdee & mer



General – a prominent assertive nature makes life go according to ambition.
Career – keep working hard, because every effort will not betray the final result.
Finance – Help from friends is in need, no need specekatif business.
Love – time will be fully occupied in the work, so that affects the ongoing relationship.
Healing – relexation is needed because the stress affects stress and immune decline.
Color – Citrus, currant & pistachio
Fashion – maxi dress & fringe earrings
Scent – lemon citron & rose absolue


General – explore the mystery of self and you will actively engage in philanthropic activities.
Career – full family support is a bright spot when there is turmoil in the professional world.
Finance – the turnaround is slowing down.
Love – minimize disputes, keep relationships moving despite serious debate
Healing – prevention is better than cure.
Color – Garnet, Merlot & Ebony
Fashion – overall leather & white tees
Scent – figuier & iris noir


General – the opportunity does not always come twice, do the best for your contribution effort.
Career – all smoothly in accordance with the plan that has been made.
Finance – Just be grateful whatever you get for blessings and smooth.
Love – Love is active, aggressiveness you are able to actually engage in a committed relationship.
Healing – excess energy should be used for fitness activities.
Color – arbork, nickel & celaton
Fashion – cropped T-shirt & front flap bag
Scent – chevrefeuille & ambre


General – Collaboration and teamwork are needed for success in life.
Career – stay calm about the chaos. Significant changes in management will fade in these two weeks.
Finance – persistence is the key to success, do not indulge in unnecessary speculation.
Love – prepare mentally and full patience for the offense that will happen.
Healing – preventive maintenance is the key to good health.
Color – crimson, saffron & mauve
Fashion – belted wool coat & crossbody bag
Scent – oranger & cerisier


General – Aggression should not be used to fight with others.
Career – Keep calm and wait for good things to happen, do not be rash.
Finance – Fiscal projects are helped by some speculation.
Love – Very passionate and overwhelming.
Healing – Fitness will remain prime until mid-month, the rest have to save energy.
Color – Obsidian, sage & plum
Fashion – Palazzo trouser & flowing blazer
Scent – Bergamotte & muguet en fleur


General – Philanthropic activity begins to suck your vitality.
Career – The work environment starts to mess up, do not waste anyone who has been supporting your career.
Finance – If you can enjoy a speculative venture, it can expect good results.
Love – Allocate enough time to date.
Healing – No serious problem but meditation is strongly recommended.
Color – Cobalt, calypso & charcoal
Fashion – Fringe blouse & mules heel
Scent – Osmanthus & lilacs mauve


General – Be careful in every action, do not be careless.
Career – Stay focused and enjoy all the rhythm.
Finance – Very good but spending increased.
Love – Family disputes are not a reason to give up.
Healing – Recovering from influenza, should be enough rest.
Color – Terracote, mahogany & juniper
Fashion – Straight jeans & foin double coat
Scent – Vert & acacia


General – An important decision must be thought through.
Career – The luck factor is on your side.
Finance – Shopping luxury goods or vacationing abroad.
Love – Do not be frustrated if you have not found the ideal partner to be your criteria.
Healing – Adequate rest and relaxation.
Color – Olive, parot & jade
Fashion – Leather belt & daze denim jacket
Scent – Vanille bourbon & magnolia


General – Not a time to be concerned, but contemplate the future and plan the strategy.
Career – You should prepare Plan B, if it does not match the analysis.
Finance – Hard work to face obstacles.
Love – Having fun without commitment.
Healing – Very good maintain with regular exercise routine.
Color – Stone, granola & coral
Fashion – Voltaire sweater & leather tote bag
Scent – Cedre & mistral


General – You bulldoze all contradictions with aggression.
Career – The family supports your career ambitions.
Finance – Start managing financial affairs for prosperity in the future.
Love – Many opportunities but you are not ready to commit.
Healing – Detox food for the sake of digestive health.
Color – Indian ivy, tarragon & ocado
Fashion – Ankle boots & flannel outer
Scent – Bigarade & narcisse

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