Evolusia fashion show was held again at maranatha university, bandung city, on Thursday night 19 october 2017. With the theme of Equlibrium this year or the balance, Evolusia fashion show featured 52 works from 13 students of D-III Arts and Design as well as with the appearance of 36 outfits from sponsors.

Some of the most eye-catching attire are Nadat Effect by Jennifer Novinda, which raises the theme of natural destruction in Africa that focuses on the dead carcasses of humans and Konotori by Deborah Stefanie, with the theme of how the art of folding in Japanese or Origami culture.

In contrast to previous years, this year along with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the concentration of Art and Design, not only a fashion show that was held but also a 3 day expo with workshops, talk shows, competitions, mini fashion shows from other universities, treats food stands, goods and services, with the peak of the event graduation fashion show that took place royally with the appearance of fashion work every student and guest star Yura Yunita increasingly festive event. Evolusia successfully spawned the amazing works that make the audience will not be disappointed to continue waiting for Evolusia next year, so ... see you again in Evolusia 2018 fashion people.

Akat Cowak – Karina Sundjaja

Archaeopteryx – Ocky Rizkyatama

Color In Space – Erica Sonia

Coral Reefs Bleaching – Naomi Claudia

Devanagari Hanuman – Stephanie Christy

Dominion – Evie Yoswara

Gestalt – Fitrisia Langsau

Isola Deco – Kezia Christselda

Konotori – Debora Stephanie

Nadat Effek – Jennifer Novinda

Pa’ Surra Toraya – Fei Sien

Stashite – Hemas Maulidinie Sugandha

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