HAYWIRE was born from the idea that there’s neglected beauty to be found in unexpected twists of fate and unusual places. We believe in a little magic, and that even inanimate objects carry a soul. We hope that each of our pieces will follow you through your adventures, and bring its’ own charm to your journey. Jewellery is rich in symbolism, and we like emotions. Each one of our jewels has been therefore crafted with a certain vitality we wish to bring you, so that you may carry it with you, and in turn share your own story with the objects you choose 😉

Haywire’s collection JOUETS was designed with nostalgia and childhood dreams in mind. It is a collection for those who still enjoy a playful approach to life and keep some toys hidden in their drawers. Rubix cubes, Spinning Tops, Bubble Wands and Dolls are all memorabilia which might soon disappear from our memories with the advent of technology. The collection was ideated with the intention of reminding each and every one of us of how precious, not only our memories, but also but also our wishes and naive fantasies are.

Each object, bold whilst delicate at the same time, should be kept as a memento of the fragile aspects of our childhood we so easily brush aside at times. It is a reminder to pick up that Bubble Wand, blow a few soapy wishes, and in the words of poet Mary Oliver “think again of dangerous and noble things.. be light and frolicsome, improbable, beautiful.. and afraid of nothing. As if you had wings.”

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