General – More challenges life in various fields, causing confusion and tension.

Career – Analyze your mistakes, improve working and try to reach your goals setting.

Finance – Should be a lot of alms, so that your sustenance is smooth, and try to analyze your financial turn around. no profit factor ..

Love – your sexual desire is leveling up, pay attention to body hygiene ..

Healing – no caffeine, eye mask & body scrub or bath routine ..

Color – emerald , algae & pine

Fashion – Sandals


General – social help and from others you need, because that compromise and partnership is the key to your success this month ..

Career – social networks support career, change status in work, and get support from senior

Finance – your current money flow smoothly, but you are not satisfied with the available facilities

Love – your aura is shining bright, is easy for you to leave the charm and appear charismatic

Healing – fat burning, grab your bally its nasty !

Color – cherry, rouge, uranus

Fashion – glasses or softlense


General – Full lucky month, collaboration is a big step in your job to a thriving new business.

Career – a harmonious work environment makes you comfortable.

Finance – get the bonus money, you should use to pay off the pending loan

Love – full of romantic and perfect sexual relationship

Healing – diet and jogging, yoga also for your emotions controller

Color – milk & piggy

Fashion – oversize shirt


General – you have to be mentally strong for all the problems that come, your independent and aggressive attitude is the answer.

Career – months to start a business but do not expect immediate returns.

Finance – money runs out for the family, help money coming from the family, selling preloved your fashion item is a great idea for your addition.

Love – re-excited from the past sheet

Healing – focus on the foods you consume, alert to gastric acid

Color – saphire, sky & marrocan ceramics

Fashion – pattern socks & shoes


General – you must be firm in making decisions immediately without delay.

Career – you can enjoy everything you do in your own way that is imagining.

Finance – social connections and profitable speculation

Love – it's time to commit

Healing – enough rest and try to consume brown rice

Color – papain, sunset & ginger

Fashion – tank top & hoodie


General – get stuck situation, sit down and enjoy.

Career – less flaming

Finance – managing the business properly will be the solution for you

Love – tired, you are very busy and less sexual relationship

Healing – go to the massage place & make rilexation

Color – soil, roots & tamarin

Fashion – tie & sexy linggerie


General : autonomy and initiative, a stable mind you must live in order to all smoothly fit your expectations

Career : your innovative marketing strategies and techniques continue your analysis

Finance : smart financially

Love : the temptation to have an affair

Healing : enough mineral water consumption, less salt on your food, and use outerwear to protect you from the wind

Color : neroli, copper & shells

Fashion : new trouser collection


General : freedom, you are not dependent on others and situations or even any compromise.

Career : correction of performance over the past year, for your future progress

Finance : unexpected cash flows from unknown sources

Love : not seriously committed

Healing : do yoga and no vodka

Color :marble, rose & cone

Fashion : bag & phone case


General : spiritual and high bring nad to religious places

Career : you are inspired to progress the business

Finance : donate to charity

Love : Your libido is on the rise

Healing : turn on a scent candle and consuming lots of peanuts, need lots of K vitamin.

Color :Iron & olive

Fashion :sexy short pant


General : you have enough power to change the situation for your benefit

Career : new project and support from your partner

Finance : profitable philanthropic activities

Love : you are very ambitious in pursuing love

Healing : do not underestimate the skin fungus and try diet, you need a pedicure routine

Color : eggplant & martini

Fashion : hat


General : you are able to create your own world with confidence and hard work.

Career : a great career and phenomenal improvement

Finance : money should be spent on family and health, help from social groups is enough to help you

Love : ready to get married

Healing : do not mind too many things that make gas stomach and a rise and trigger other diseases coming, meditation or reiki is solution.

Color :cinnamon & sakura

Fashion : jacket


General : strong actions in making decisions and social skills are needed to achieve your goals

Career : you can expect promotion and full support

Finance : big sale is your greatest threat

Love : fallin love

Healing : lack of fit and stress makes you fall ill at the end of the month, exercise enough and reduce sexual activity is the key

Color : amazon, lime & versailles

Fashion : denim month