General – Family support is very important. Don’t ignore family affairs, if they need your attention.
Career – New business for promising financial enhancement.
Finance – Full debt repayment completed. Be careful not to be fooled by any mode.
Love – Maintaining a relationship.
Healing: routine pedicure for healthy and aesthetic heel of your feet.
Color – Calypso, Bahama & Arbor
Fashion – Knitwear


General – The turbulent mood makes you do a significant transformation because of the surrounding environment.
Career – The dynamics of work.
Finance – Selling property is an option that you can choose besides with draw investment funds.
Love – Ready harbor heart to someone who longed for you for a long time.
Healing – Stomach health. Pumpkin, yogurt, ades seeds you can add to the food.
Color – Obsidian, nickel & parrot
Fashion – Pajamas


General – Control irritability, avoid fights with others because arguments can cause disaster.
Career – Completing pending projects.
Finance – Can finance the project easily and have more money to pay the old loan.
Love – Romantic stories like stories in a novel.
Healing – Nuts, corn oil & caviar. Colestrol free start now.
Color – Terracotta, lilac & raven
Fashion – Boxed tee


General – Career and worldly ambitions will dominate.
Career – Stay focused to achieve goals according to strategy.
Finance – Need help from family or friends.
Love – Avoid conflict, your emotions are churning.
Healing – The fat in the stomach becomes the alarm for you. Caring for appearance is the right option.
Color – Granola, amber & merlot
Fashion – New trunks


General – Excess energy. Switch to positive activities like sports.
Career – Add candidates for work support.
Finance – Financial skills pay off.
Love – Mutual introspection and realization of change.
Healing – Gym and menicure routine.
Color – Crimson, mauve & ebony
Fashion – T-shirt collection


General – new appearance, you are very passionate about it.
Career – new job offer? Take it, if you wait for this.
Finance – gradually improve all depends on where your environment is located.
Love – specify one of them.
Healing – ginger, canola oil, or garlic. All for the sake of detoxifying your body from the long-standing toxins in the body.
Color – cobalt, stone & ply
Fashion – skinny trouser



General – a new paradigm about yourself, be prepared for intellectual ability improvement.
Career – solid activity, does not close possibility will undergo a significant transformation.
Finance – financial expertise such as speculation can give good returns. Start a charity, when?
Love – excited for temptation dating, but you are not ready to commit.
Healing – drowsiness and chronic fatigue, do not ignore sleep and consumption of marine fish to meet the needs of beta carotene and iron.
Color – pistachio, salmon & olive
Fashion – bag & blazer


General – plan to travel and stop at new places.
Career – reach monthly target through hard work
Finance – proper review and change financial strategy. For increased income capacity.
Love – the right solution to all the problems that arise. Seeking more pleasure from commitment.
Healing – apple vinegar can be a mixture of infused water for body detoxification. Rheumatism & arthritis pain is a threat
Color – currant, saffron & jade
Fashion – running shoes


General – the mood for a new look, it’s good to use fashion stylish services to make over appropriately.
Career – it takes effort and hard work. But experience will be an important aspect of the long term.
Finance – Good communication can be a supporting creative project to make money.
Love – your emotions and mood are not stable. Don’t change the point of view relationship in progress.
Healing – Avoid sweets and regular exercise. To reduce excessive kidney work.
Color – Plum, garnet & fawn
Fashion – denim trouser.


General – guided intuition to deepen religious and philanthropic activities.
Career – on the ground of hockey factors, career prospects and jobs get better. Despite significant changes due to turbulence.
Finance – pcareful in financial management. In order not to be tempted luxuries that include acts of waste and regret later.
Love – list of cafes and attractions are waiting for you to stop with the couple at the end of the week.
Healing – consistent health in the land of peace of mind and environment for the sake of emotional stability
Color – juniper, sage & army
Fashion – denim jacket


General – Compatibility of self in friendship will be tested. Sincere relationship that can survive.
Career – filled with the spirit and positive energy to move as best as possible. Ready to face the challenge though
Finance – income and expenditure review. Do not get me wrong.
Love – need psychological and material support from the couple.
Healing – very good and energized in support with green tea or matcha intake.
Color – mahogany, rasin & seaweed
Fashion – long coat


General – don’t do speculation and avoid all activities that risks contain.
Career – possible work mutation.
Finance – productive method with caution in fiscal matters. For Succes financial.
Love – after a religious ceremony in the weekend, it is not suspected that someone has just appeared and hinted at your desire.
Healing – excess gastric gas. The threat of digestive disorders because of your own actions that are not able to control the intake of excess food
Color – basil, nut & celadon
Fashion – scarf & cardigan