Hi, can you tell us bit more about your self?
I was born in Bandung and has been living in Jakarta for almost 6 years, I’ve always been fascinated by art. when i little girl, i like painting people faces mostly black and white. Then when I was in junior high school, I was fascinated with fashion, but I didn’t know that I wanted to be a makeup artist — I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer or a painter. I loved drawing fashion illustration and painting. But I never thought i could make a career as a makeup artist.

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?
Well I started when I was 22 work as freelance for a friend local band. From them I learn stage make up, then in 2004 I worked with “Cerah Hati’ as fashion stylist and makeup artist. in 2005 -2007 worked with Airplane, a local clothing brand doing fashion design, illustration and graphic design. At that time i must make time between working as fashion stylist, make up artist, and clothing designer with tied college schedule.

To be come a make up artist at that time, is no easy task. Where is no internet marketing like social media nowadays, to buy make up i must promote my self with self marketing promotion to my colleague. I used my work at college to started making money, I’m selling my painting to them so i can bought make up that i need.

In early 2005, I do makeup for final project fashion show at Esmod school. My parents do not supports me much, but eventually in 2007 they are secretly looked my ambition to be come professional make up artist, and then sent me to NY for make up school. I took SFX makeup and Beauty make up class. When I get back to Bandung, i worked as in house designer and makeup artist at Screamous, a local clothing brand. in 2011, with the best Indonesian actor Mr. Didi Petet to present the Lutung Kasarung theatre musical as make up artist supervision, at 2012 I started got a job in film makeup artist. and in 2013 i worked with AgnezMo for her music video paralyze, I do makeup and body painting.

Now i lived in Jakarta working for music video, high fashion, tv commercial, theatre musical and celebrity professional make up artist . so.. working as makeup artist is has been 15 years and counting.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I love looking at the culture shows in Paris from magazine, books social media etc. Something about them that has a lot of freedom and fantasy which I think is so beautiful. I have a lot of influences and different cultures around the world. Also I am usually inspired from the model and their features and always no matter what or how creative the makeup, always try to keep their beauty and let them be the star. I think my background in design definitely carries over and when it comes to my creative work, it always about balance for me. When I first started, I wanted to put everything on the face. Lashes, glitter, rhinestones, stencil work all at once. It takes a lot of experience to know when it’s OK to push the makeup and when the makeup really needs to take a step back. In the end for me its about a beautiful final image.


Who are some people that have supported & inspired you throughout your career?
my parents, my friends and my boyfriend


What is your strongest/favourite makeup look
you’ve created?
since I was little such as All the classic Universal Horror films were my favorite. FRANKENSTEIN (1931), Sci -fi, Tim Burton and all Bjork music video and Viviene Westwood was the one that inspired me the most, thats why I always like special fx, high fashion mixed together and also I loved to paint blood and colours at the same time.

Tell me about a time you had a very stressful day at work and how did you handle it?
6. Special FX make-up. The challenge was the best. It forced me to come up with different ways to create an effect, while working with camera effects to help make my work look great. The pressure was heavier because CGI effects were very expensive and time consuming back then so you had to get the effect right. Thinking up more inexpensive ways of creating great make-up effects. You did what you could with what you were given. Creating, and being as creative as you possibly could. It was a great experience and a training ground to my future in this industry. Old Age and Character Prosthetic Make-ups are so challenging to make look believable. It’s extremely gratifying to create a beautiful aging makeup, or even a believable character makeup on an actor.




What do you love most about make up?
I love that it’s a form of expression. That even the slightest bit of makeup can transform a woman’s confidence. It’s not about disguising who you are but enhancing your natural beauty.

I also love the science behind it. Makeup is a composition of different ingredients and so is skin. The skin has texture and understanding how different products aren’t made for all skin textures and knowing how it all works and blends together. It’s also a color theory. You have to KNOW and UNDERSTAND color because every skin tone has an undertone and every shade of foundation, eyeshadows, etc have undertones that don’t mesh well with every skin tone. With makeup I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about making a mistake as I often stumble on a great idea for a new look and I have the freedom to experiment and play. There are so much great products and there is no rules to what you can do.




Signature look?
My signature look would have to be a done makeup looks with a creative edge. My style is to work with makeup to get the most creative and striking look but a beautiful finish that is flautlesss, glowing and super clean at the same time that works with light and requires none or minimum retouching. i always love glowing and healthy skin look. It’s something I’ve done since high school, I used to use Vaseline on my lips and then put the left overs on my cheeks. It’s just evolved since then now that I know what I’m doing and brands have started making actual products to do it properly.

Beauty icons?
My Beauty icon has to be Angelina Jolie because no matter on or off screen she is just impeccable in every role she plays. Her classic glamour and effortless style just draws me in all the time. Especially when she has played in fantasy roles. I always love her overall hair and makeup looks.


What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?
I think with all the tutorials available online nowadays a lot more women are savvy with their makeup so what I see that are common mistakes would be not enough blending to their foundation and bronzers or blushers for their contouring of cheeks. You can always tell when you look at the rest of the body if the colour is wrong. Without even having to think about it I hate heavily contoured and super powdered look. Kim Kardashian created a monster a couple years ago when she showed some photos of her makeup being done and then everyone all of a sudden started contouring. I find it so over done. I think it was last year everyone also discovered thick brows were in and then started really badly beefing up their brows with what looked like black texta. That was a bit off. “I think less is always more, unless you’re doing a smokey eye or a really dramatic lip. For all the base products, less is definitely more. I think it can age people as well, to have a lot of product on the skin unnecessarily.”


What are your favorite products that you use on yourself?
“I absolutely love Laura Mercier Illuminated Tinted Moisturizer. I’ve never done makeup without it. I use it only on the nose, around the forehead and cheeks. It adds the perfect amount of glow – and looks healthy and radiant rather than shiny.” b. Mac creamy Concealer palette and Nars soft matte concealer I never leave the house without my creame concealer. Concealer is the secret of the beauty universe… Now matter how I’m feeling, a creamy, yellow-toned concealer from mac instantly makes me look fresh and well-rested.”NARS Soft matte concealer, “I always say for myself, I couldn’t live without my Concealer because once the canvas is perfect you can just add to it. You can use it as a foundation as well – it’ll take a bit longer – but you can make your whole face look nice with just that. c. CHARLOTTE TILBURY | “I never got anywhere without my miracle-working moisturiser, Magic Cream. It’s packed full of hyaluronic acid and vitamins A, C & E which flood the skin with moisture, leaving it dewy and youth-boosted. I call it a push-up bra in a jar!” d. NARS Soft matte concealer, “I always say for myself, I couldn’t live without my Concealer because once the canvas is perfect you can just add to it. You can use it as a foundation as well mix with good moisturizer – it’ll take a bit longer – but you can make your whole face look nice with just that.” e. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara of course. It’s hands down the best mascara. It really packs a punch; lots of mascaras come on the market but this one is still my favourite; once bitten forever smitten.

If you weren’t a makeup artist, what else would you do?
I don’t think there was ever an option of not being an artist of some sort as far as I can remember as a child I only wanted to be a painter.

Travel is a big part of a makeup artists life, and carrying a LOT of stuff is also part of our lives, so what personal products make the cut when you travel?
I have over 6 suitcases of products so realistically I like to have a bit of everything! A good variation of palettes of colours and contours. Lots of brands for foundations and good skincare and body moisturiser.

Dream collaboration?
Tim Walker and Bjork they both was genius, one of a kind.

Check her out @marina_tasha

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