Paradise Youth Club is returning with a Spring/Summer 2018 collection filled with bold image and bright colors, maintaining their witty take on the world with a lookbook inspired by the 90’s summer days.

The Utopian Frequency idea came upon small talks on the possibility where people of the world speak trough the same tongue, where we spend more time listening & understanding each other instead of pointing out the differences

We’ve seen these possibilities happened while developing and collaborating projects with so many amazing people from all around the world. We believe the many differences can be streamlined in the same frequency when we’re doing the things we love. This collection by far is our most personal release yet and it describes our utopian dreams on how we wanted the rest of the world to roll.

Presenting our widest collection, like coach jackets, crewnecks, full printed shirts and long pants, and with a new oversized cut on the t-shirts. Putting the Utopian frequency ideas through “Think Paradise” on the full printed checkered shirts and pants, also the satirical graphics like “What will humans look like in 1000 years from now” and the “Fuck Art Lets Dance”. The collection is available on selected stores worldwide on April and through our web-store

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