Pocket Songbird is a line of dainty minimalist jewelry essentials, individually designed and hand-crafted on the island of Bali. Inspired by real, smart, mindful women, the versatile-by-nature pieces subtly take on the unique character of the wearer. Each crystal is hand selected and ethically sourced, creating exclusive pieces designed to complement the modern woman’s everyday style.

Thoughtfully designed, the jewelry pieces are made with high-quality 14k gold-filled materials that stand up to everyday wear — meant to be stacked, layered, mixed and matched with ease. Through the design process, Pocket Songbird sees jewelry as a personal notion; they are memories cast in metal and little reminders that become like a second skin. Donning a piece is the execution of capturing a moment and illustrating a feeling. Uncomplicated yet wholly indulgent.

To maintain control over quality standards and assembly process, the brand has a hands-on relationship with suppliers and in-house jewelry artisans here in Bali. Pocket Songbird’s commitment to transparency demands that it ensures the jewelry is made both ethically and responsibly. With an unshakeable belief that luxury should be an accessible part of everyone’s everyday staple, Pocket Songbird keeps its price point competitive by keeping middlemen out of its business model.

With the jewelry serving as an extension of the brand’s core values — quality, simplicity and transparency — it has organically attracted a fiercely loyal Pocket Songbird community that extends beyond Bali and celebrates these shared values.

Shop with them online at www.pocketsongbird.com
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