General – Spiritual aspiration will dominate everything you do.
Career – Enterprises are not in vain, and are fruitful, all thanks to your strong tenacity and drive.
Finance – Manage the finances carefully and re-think the rotation to smoothly without choking
Love – Your aura will shine, the influence of Venus. Use self-enchantment to attend religious activities or banquets. There will be a chance to meet the person you are waiting for.
Healing – regular protein intake and proper shampoo selection with your scalp and hair needs.
Color – cobalt, arbork & celaton
Fashion – beaded sandals & wide-leg pants


General – Believing strong ability and confidence, able to assist you in dealing with any turbulence.
Career – an upheaval of power, not inhibitions. This change could be useful
Finance – Trying business opportunities for additional income, not just relying on salary increases.
Love – You have the right to choose anyone, even if it’s your boss.
Healing – take time to go to the spa and try thai massage, and the option of soaking can be done at home.
Color – mauve, plum & saffron
Fashion – gingham dress & leather mules


General – Being intellectual and communicative will broaden interest in foreign cultures. And the trigger for traveling.
Career – Promotion from superiors does not seem to be just a rumor. Keep all the plans you set up to materialize.
Finance – Pay attention to all aspects, so that material flow can be reviewed in detail
Love – Online dating, proffesional environments and colleagues, all become obstacles in determining the right partner for you.
Healing – If the lifestyle is difficult for you to change, do not be sad if the irritation of the intestines and liver disorders attack. Immediately fix everything before the acute.
Color – crimson, terracote & sakura
Fashion – baggy pants & maxi skirt


General – Traveling abroad will be your agenda. The philosophical trait you can channel for the sake of spiritual deepening.Career – expect a raise, may be considered before applying to the boss.
Finance – Bonus, can be used to pay off all debts. And start managing the welfare correctly.
Love – Not just harmonious and harmonious, your spouse is influential and rich, so prosperity will bloom.
Healing – Jogging can maintain fitness and avoid immune decline. Impact of cold weather can be anticipated with thick outer and ginger drink.
Color – amber, obsidian & fawn
Fashion – long kimono & ruffled plimsolls


General – Density of activity due to task. Consensus and collaboration are important aspects to consider.
Career – Achieving targets according to plan.Finance – Investing can be an option rather than a spree.
Love – Socialization and get-togethers will create opportunities to discover the hearts of the heart. All your colleagues could be your own.
Healing – Detox body with infused water or flower tea to stop addiction to alcohol or caffeine.
Color – mahogany, ebony & calypso
Fashion – bardot neckline & checkered trunks


General – Life will feel dynamic. Autonomy and determination do not help, compromise must be done and the interests of others must be taken into account.
Career – Bonus seems to be liquid, properly managed.
Finance – All is still safe, the remaining funds can be in the tube.
Love – Loneliness is an opportunity to choose which one is best and able to captivate your heart.
Healing – nuts such as green beans can reduce muscle soreness that struck.
Color – sage, granola & celaton
Fashion – lacing skirt & pointed kitten heels


General – Do not dominate and be aggressive. You need the support of others to prosper.
Career –Adjustment to a variety of situations, though contrary to basic personality traits.
Finance – Many opportunities are created, but all prospects must be analyzed critically, before accepting the offer.
Love – Will invite many banquets, use the opportunity to spend time with him.
Healing – Your priority is to improve health problems, maintain fitness and self-image.
Color – olive, charcoal & nickel
Fashion – oversize plaid blazer & bum bag


General – Teamwork and compromise are needed, you need to be flexible in accepting others’ views for progress.
Career – Be careful in new business deals, try to study more.
Finance – Reduce shopping, and keep existing money for full backup.
Love – Commitment is still a distant dream, in a new relationship.
Healing – Scent candle and instrumental music, all for your emotional peace.
Color – merlot, juniper & bahama
Fashion – oversize tees & bold knots


General – Maintain a balance between work and relationships. All aspects must be equal.
Career – Calculate maximally, so that later
not regret.
Finance – Start thinking about new ways to make money.
Love – the relationship will experience turbulence.
Healing – rest enough and restore the body. Enough energy supply to support your busy life.
Color – salmon, stone & garnet
Fashion – waist belt & sporty watch


General – It would be wise to seek cooperation with others. Though you have the power to do things your way. Career and family attention is needed.
Career – Not only physically, mentally also in need as a synergistic balance in the face of the world of professionalism.
Finance – Plans to buy luxury goods will be realized.
Love – people with intellectual and communicative ability will steal your attention.
Healing – Cold weather does not mean a reason not to bathe, and do not be lazy to gargle regularly.
Color – khaki, nut & pistachio
Fashion – fanny pack & silk shirt


General – Enjoying the days with independence and a sense of freedom.
Career – make sure you stay primed because in addition to work, family affairs are also more attention.
Finance – The calculation should be accurate, in order to reach the target.
Love – Wandering like a ship in the ocean.
Healing – regular exercise periodically for body fitness.
Color – currant, lilac & burgundy
Fashion – ankle boots & cord back pack


General – go through the plans that have been made to fit the procedures and realize.
Career – keep the achievements you’ve earned. For the sake of success in the future.
Finance – Charity to keep the financial resources smooth and blessing.
Love – blind date is still your love option, which is not ready to commit.
Healing – Knee pain and lumbago, reduce extra workouts. And try massage therapy.
Color – citrus, parot & neroli
Fashion – tie scarf & puffed sleeves coat

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