Sembilan Matahari consists of artists from crossed-disciplines and backgrounds. The spirit of collaboration becomes the essence to all of Sembilan Matahari’s works. We chatted with CEO and creative head Adi Panuntun here’s what transpired.

One of your most memorable work in Bandung was the “Fire Sate Building”. What message would you like to convey to the community through this video mapping technique?

It has long been an interest of myself and my team at Sembilan Matahari to be able to repack the imagination through the creativity of the audio-visual technology inspired by the historic event. The heroic events of Bandung’s Ocean of Fire are one of them.
What we are highlighting in making the work of “burning the sate” is actually more than a desire to lift a time in the past that has set an example for us. the sense of being missed by his presence in the spirit of a new worldview in an effort to manage the city today. How the spirit of citizens and government is so “compact”, one in the determination of sacrifice for the sake of the city most owned and loved. This city they scorched their own earth in order to defend the common vision: reject the city of Bandung occupied by the invaders.

What made you interested in the medium? Where did it all start?

Memories of childhood playing with a variety of tools (not actually toys) around them such as paper, small magnifying glass (lup), and mirror was inspiring. Because of all three tools, I am determined to take part in the field of interdisciplinary design and visual technology.
As a child I was always experimenting and trying to get the image projection from the magnifying glass to the mirror and the paper screen instead of burning it. It’s like shaping a moving object with a colorful reflection. Since then I have never forgotten the visual and optical areas. Because of these childhood memories, I decided to go to a fine art course. Unfortunately, the family did not allow it, until finally I obeyed the UMPTN graduation result by taking Economics and Development Study course in UNPAD Economic Faculty. But that only lasted for 4 semesters and I eventually re-registered to the Faculty of Art and Design ITB.

Please describe the video mapping technique and what is the difference with other visual works?

Video mapping is a new visualization technique that allows the surface of any object or object to be a screen that can be used to project graphics, animation, and video elements. Accompanied by music and sound effects, this technique can display 3-dimensional effects, optical illusions, and the impression of movement of an object that was initially silent or immobile. In its development, My comrades and I in the Sembilan Matahari are interested in combining it with creative-coding (computer programming techniques) to enable the creation of something new and innovative.


I read quote from you mentioning that “The effective mentality for conceptualizing design is understanding that the ideas are owned by everyone” What does that mean?

Simply put, design is a method of finding solutions by changing the way of thinking through the creative process .
At the beginning of the process empathy became the key element. It starts by looking at the intended item eg: shoes, glasses etc... And then form an emotional attachment by closely relating the item to the elements of our interest, including: aesthetics, music, role models, fun, and playfulness.
By involving the emotional attachment, the resulting solution will always attract attention, favor, and answer the problem.

Bandung is currently called the creative city, what are your thoughts on that?

According to KBBI the word creative means:
1. Having a creativity; have the ability to create;
2. Characteristic (contains) creativity: work that - wanting intelligence and imagination;

Basically every human is born creative, but most of us are still consumed by the stigma that creativity only belongs to people in certain fields only. In fact, designing solutions requires interdisciplinary work so everyone in different disciplines must realize their creative potential.

In my opinion, Bandung is heading for creative city status. Bandung can be a creative city when creativity has become a collective awareness of all citizens of the city and its government. Being a smart and imaginative city in bringing about the solution of the city’s problems.

How do creative industry players in Bandung overcome the experience of a saturated market? Since Bandung is filled with creative beings?

Before we talk about an industry, we need to understand exactly what the basic ingredients of the industry are. For example mining industry, the basic material is mining materials such as gold, nickel, or copper contained in certain areas. To be able to explore and exploit we need to build the best infrastructure at the mine site. The goal is that the industry in question can provide benefits to regions and countries while minimizing the negative impact. The basic ingredients of the creative industry are human creativity sourced in the brain and heart, so that the industry develops, ensuring the availability of a comfortable and inspirational infrastructure around these human dwellings becomes a major necessity. A smart and imaginative city becomes a necessity.

On the 25th of September is the anniversary of Bandung. what do you want to see more in this city?

Simply, I want to see residents and guests who come to Bandung to no longer throw garbage into the river or from their vehicles.

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