Where do you come from ? Tell us about yourself and your artistic journey?
I just moved to Jakarta from Bandung. I’m 23 and have always drawn since I was little but just began to paint last year. In my teenage years I was the kid in class who’d sit in the back doodling skulls all over textbooks. I grew a fascination towards dark subjects since then which led me to what I draw and paint now.

How did you make the decision to pursue art as career?
I believe it never was a decision. The urge was just there all this time nestling inside and growing with me since the very beginning. It’s quite difficult to explain but it has always been there.

Would you describe the artistic experience as spiritual one?
Yes, the overall experience is more than just what meets the eye. There’s a lot of self-seeking when I create. Sometimes when I think I’ve known myself to the core, it’s the whole process of creating which’ll open up a new uncharted territory in me to explore. I often look back at old pieces and ponder in my heart how far I’ve grown deep inside.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artist?
Slowly growing in specific areas of work is much more important than trying to master all elements straight away.

What the challenges, being a professional artist?
I dare say I’m nowhere near ‘professional’ yet, but I indeed strive to be. As an artist especially one in the early years (which I identify myself as), having to learn from tons of mistakes and being patient with results could often be challenging. There’ll be moments when self-doubt might start to creep in. But at the end of the day I remind myself of these things as part of my journey which sometimes would inspire drawings in my sketchbook.

Who are your influences?
Past painters would be Giuseppe Archimboldo and Jean Everett Millais. Artists who are around today would be Dan Quintana, Brad Kunkle, and Allen Williams.

Do you have a favorite color?
Gray. The colour which reminds me of clouds on a gloomy day, burnt ash, and of course – pencil leads.

How do you keep the mood when making work? and if you get stuck what will you do?
I try my best to work alone in silence. No music, no distractions, just me and a brush in hand. If painting for a while meets a dead end, I usually just sit there staring at the piece while silently figuring out other ways it could be done. If it still doesn’t work I’ll just head out for a walk or leave it to sleep overnight and come back with fresh eyes.

Can you explain what kind of art you are working on? what your techniques and tools so that its display looks perfect?
My past work consists of a lot of graphite drawings and have just recently started to reside with oil painting. I really like to explore different tools. When using graphite, I always have sand paper with me to create graphite powder out of pencil leads which could then be brushed on paper. Sometimes broken pencil leads come in handy for certain details. There’s a lot of surprising happy accidents which happens while utilizing weird methods.

The subject of your drawings are dominantly a human form mixed with nature? Any special reason? what makes you eager to make it?
Nature has always been a fascinating subject for me. The fact that we both grow and wilt in this world alongside is a simple reason to further combine them as one through drawings.

How long does it take to do one picture?
I’d say it varies among different work. One could take around two hours, and others might slowly take a month or even more.

What goes on during your work process?
When I create art for work, then work is simply work. For certain art projects especially one’s with tight deadlines, I usually prepare a clear final image in my mind or on paper before working so whatever mood I’ll be in later it’ll all just have to conform to the initial concept. The rest of the work is mostly technical aspects such as mixing colours, moving the brush around, and the other same sorts.

What is the limit of order in one month, which you can handle?
For my current skull framed pieces, I could work up around two or three commissions on an empty month.

There are plans to make your gallery and art exhibition? what goals will you pursue and realize in the near future?
There are certainly thoughts for exhibitions, but in the long run I try to push the thoughts aside and focus more on creating and expanding my body of work. My near future goal would be to create paintings larger in scale.

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